Yes, you can compete with PayPal !

PayPal is by far the strongest payment processor on the worldwide web and stands good chance to become the strongest in mobile payments as well. Many want to challenge their dominant position or even just get a reasonable share but without the right combination of a great solution, good pricing and an excellent domain name that works globally  this will probably not happen. Sure there is a possibility of doing a good business with dissatisfied PayPal users but to seriously challenge them and get a decent market share, payment processors will need all the correct ingredients.


Just imagine for a moment that you were a merchant browsing the web  and you see ..... (Probably nothing else was available ..)   or (Wasn't it Shrek ?)   or (Maybe a childrens story about an elephant ?)    or (PayElf was maybe taken ..)  or   (The last 3 letter ticker available on Nasdaq!)   or

... Seriously, the above names are real payment processors ! Which one would you click if you saw two ads displaying side by side and more importantly which name would you remember one month later ?


In fact there is probably no better name in payment processing than BePaid as it appeals to merchant and their clients as a name that you can trust in payment processing. It simply does what it means; collects and processes payments. It is an easy to remember word that makes sense.



Let's look at some other examples:

....... OR


Some of them are semi-successful  processors, but it is clear that some most simply can't become big because they don't have that something that is needed. They have a similar solution as others, not a grabbing name and they need some edge to get ahead. This edge is something which the domain name could help them with !

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